Morph-ing Into a Better Carrier

Morph-ing Into a Better Carrier At, the PAXmamas get lots of emails every day from new wearers asking about their carrier options!  One option found at your local big-box baby retailer is the Mamas and Papas Morph.  We reviewed it previously here, but wanted to offer a few... Read More
A Great American Tradition

A Great American Tradition PAXfriends, it’s almost Thanksgiving!  Once we pass that savory American holiday, another uniquely American phenomenon is upon us: shopping season! Your FAVORITE babywearing SUPERSTORE is planning something SPECIAL for Black Friday AND for... Read More
Snuggles and a free hand!

Snuggles and a free hand! SSCs are awesome for comfortable on-the-go babywearing!   Sometimes, though, you just can’t beat the feeling of having mom and baby wrapped up nice and snug in something cozy and supportive–like a Hybrid Stretch from Wrapsody Baby Carriers!... Read More
That PERFECT pair of jeans!

That PERFECT pair of jeans!

. One of the most common questions we get here at PAXbaby from people who NEED a GREAT carrier that’s easy to use and quick to toss on is “which one of these SSCs is best for me?”  A carrier is a lot like that perfect pair of jeans–no one... Read More
Babylegs are back!

Babylegs are back!

. That’s right, Babylegs fans, your FAVORITE legwarmers are coming back to PAXbaby just in time for cool weather! . How are Babylegs GREAT for babywearers? They cover that gap between pants and socks when baby is in a carrier! They provide an extra layer under... Read More

Flash Mob!

Flash mobs are a fun and amusing cultural phenomenon but maybe you’ve never felt inclined to participate in one, you say? That’s because you didn’t hear about the BABYWEARING flash mob in Salt Lake City recently!  Sponsored by NAP, Inc.,... Read More

Sling Exchange Info!

Thank you for renting from PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange! Here are a few notes to help you with the sad process of parting with your SE rental. Your rentals should be postmarked no later than two weeks from the date you returned them. We use the date they show... Read More