Birth & Baby Support Services

For you and your baby during labor, birth, and beyond!
As an attached parent, PAXmommy Jillian knows how important it is to have the right people on your team when it comes to matters of the heart. Nothing is more important than your own child, and you can count on PAXbaby to provide to you the very best support for you and your baby during labor, birth, and beyond! Meeting with PAXmommy Jillian during your pregnancy or once your baby is in your arms will create a positive experience that will give you the power to make the right decisions for your own family and change your life! Having a doula attend your birth can positively create a different outcome of your situation, and we highly recommend placenta encapsulation! Babywearing can give you and your baby a bond stronger than you would be able to imagine, and PAXmommy Jillian is here to guide you on that journey! The depth of knowledge and range of expertise being offered is based on close to fifteen years of parenting experience through pregnancy, loss, babyhood, toddler tantrums, young children, and teens. Give your baby the best start by hiring PAXbaby to assist your family in growing healthy and strong with incredible support and love.
Birth Doula
Having a familiar face at your birth can make all the difference when things get busy and intense. By meeting with PAXmommy Jillian beforehand and creating a birth plan, workable scenarios, and brainstorming ideas to make your birth the best it can be, you are using the tools you have to create a foundation of loving peace for your child.
Placenta ingestion is a gift that you can give to your post birth self! There are several ways you can prepare a placenta for yourself including powdered pills, tinctures, and raw in smoothies! If you want to boost your energy, feel like Superwoman, and be alert, well rested, and peaceful for your first few days at home with your new baby, you will want to be sure to have your placenta prepared for you by!!!
Let PAXmommy Jillian be your guide while you transition your family into welcoming a new member. Whether this is your first baby or your seventh, it can be challenging to make all the puzzle pieces fit together. After making this transition so many times herself, PAXmommy Jillian can help make the process smoother. A Post Partum Doula can give you that extra pair of hands that you need!!!!
Babywearing Education
It is amazing the number of parents and caregivers that PAXbaby has helped over the years both in person and virtually!!! We would love to help you too with any babywearing needs you have so be sure to reach out!!! PAXmommy Jillian is available locally in person, over the phone, via Skype or Facetime, and can even create a custom instructional video for you! As a trained educator and certified by the Center for Babywearing Studies, PAXmommy Jillian is well versed in all things babywearing and can help you with natural parenting questions as well!

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