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Learn about what to wear, when to wear, where to wear, tips & safety and more!

Welcome to the wonderful world of babywearing! It can be confusing to choose a baby carrier with so many options to learn about, but with a little guidance and a friendly smile from your favorite PAXmoms, you will be able to carry your baby in comfort and joy! Don’t wait to reap the rewards of babywearing; there are so many positive benefits! We are here to help, and help we will! From finding the perfect carrier for your new baby to troubleshooting a carrier you already own to branching out to something new and different, can do it all, and we are happy to share! Email us directly at, fill out the form below with your basic contact information, or take it a step further and fill out our baby carrier prescription here! You will receive a helpful email with suggestions, tips and hopefully an easy solution to your babywearing questions! The PAXmoms look forward to hearing from you and being able to help you and your baby have success!



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Babywearing Safety & Tips

What came first?

What came first, the baby or the baby carrier?? Did you plan your stash before your baby was even here?? What did it include?? Did it change once baby arrived? PAXmommy Christina is on Baby #4, and has been anxiously prepping her stash to welcome a newborn in a month!...

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Milk for Sailor PAXbaby.comMilk for Sailor "Sailor Avonlea was born via emergency c-section on June 13th in Las Vegas, addicted to and withdrawing from the effects of a pregnancy filled with heavy methenphetamine use, homelessness, and mental illness. After a 13 day long...

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Girasol MySol FINALLY! The Girasol MySol has arrived at PAXbaby! paxbaby paxbaby The MySol is a wrap conversion meh dai with a fabulous fit for most babywearers! Carry your baby safely, comfortably and ergonomically...

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