Babywearing should be safe, easy, and comfortable. But it isn’t always so. Unfortunately a lot of carriers that are easy to find at Target or Babies R Us are unsafe for baby and uncomfortable for you! But these are the slings that many moms have or at least start with.

Here at PAXbaby we are passionate about safe slings. We want to find other like-minded moms and unite together to make it known that there are safe and comfortable options out there.

What YOU can do!

  1. Be prepared with business cards for your favorite baby carrier retailers so you can promote Safe Slings! (Email us and we’ll send you some! ;))
  2. Slip cards into the boxes of the uncomfortable, non-ergonomic, and potentially dangerous carriers at the big box stores like Target and Babies R Us!
  3. Speak out! When you see a mom wearing a “crotch dangler” or bag sling, get your courage up to go over and let her know what has been happening with those types of carriers.
  4. Invade the baby shower with a fabulous gift of a Safe Sling and offer to demonstrate! The mom-to-be may be to shy to ask for help and will end up using a dangerous sling just because it looked easier!
  5. Be an advocate! If you are part of a mainstream moms forum, or mom’s group, spread the word about Safe Slinging and which carriers to avoid! Moms will thank you for your help and will boost your babywearing esteem!

My Story!

I was 6 months pregnant with my 4th baby when I realized that the wonderful Maya Wrap ring slings that I had used for my 3 previous babies were just not going to cut it this time around! I’d need both my hands free to take care of my new baby plus my older 3 toddlers! Let’s face it, with 4 kids under 5, I’d need all the help I could get!

So, I stopped at Target with my belly and babies in tow to peruse their baby carrier selection. I knew I needed something with 2 shoulder straps so I chose a Infantino Euro Rider! I took it home and showed my husband all the features, and the first thing he said was “Take it back! It’s a piece of junk!” I was shocked because it’s a good company, yadda yadda…

He suggested I do more research online before taking the plunge. I googled baby carriers, and you know what came up? Yes, it was! I decided on a Beco. (see the picture of me below!) And the rest is babywearing history!

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