Thank you for renting from PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange! Here are a few notes to help you with the sad process of parting with your SE rental.

  1. Your rentals should be postmarked no later than two weeks from the date you returned them. We use the date they show as “delivered” in the USPS tracking system to calculate your return date for purposes of late fees. .                                     .                                                                 ...
  2. Please use the envelope included with your rentals to return the carriers. If your carrier comes with small bits and pieces, this envelope can be a GREAT place to store them to avoid having them get lost. .                                                                        .                                     .
  3. Don’t worry about washing the carriers—carriers are cleaned and sanitized at PAXbaby headquarters using an environmentally friendly process.  Please note: any carrier returned smelling of smoke is subject to an automatic $35 cleaning fee. .                                           .             .   .
  4. Please try to return carriers promptly, as we often have other renters waiting to try out these GREAT carriers!  If you absolutely find that you can’t get it back before your rental period is up (family illness or other circumstance), PLEASE email the Sling Exchange coordinator at ASAP to let her know that your carrier will be returning late.  This helps us communicate with the people waiting eagerly to try them next.   Carriers returned late may be subject to a $5 per week late fee (1 week minimum).


Instructions for each carrier can be found at the links below. Don’t hesitate to contact Kristen at if you have any questions about use or fit—we want to help you wear them comfortably and safely!











Ring Slings:

Wrap Slings:

meh dais:


Many of our carriers have little bits and pieces that you might not use as you experiment with the carrier to find what works for you.  Below is a list of our rental SSCs and their accessories.  When you receive your carrier, PLEASE look to make sure that that you have also received all the listed accessories and your Mai Poketto if you requested one!  If you did not receive everything on this list, please contact our Sling Exchange coordinator ASAP at   We don’t want to charge you for something you didn’t get in the first place!

  • ABC: Chest belt
  • Angelpack: sleeping hood and chest belt
  • Babyhawk OhSnap!: chest belt
  • Beco Butterfly II: infant insert, sleeping hood
  • Beco Gemini: chest belt
  • Beco 4G: Chest belt, sleeping hood
  • Boba: 2 stirrups, sleeping hood
  • Ergo: chest belt (may be attached to the carrier on newer versions)
  • Manduca: chest belt
  • Olives and Applesauce SSC: chest belt
  • Pikkolo: chest belt (may be attached to the carrier on newer versions), waist support belt, hood

. .

Thank you for renting with Sling Exchange!  We look forward to hearing which carrier you like the best!


*happy babywearing*

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