PAXbaby mama Kristie blogs on our biological NEED for touch!


Many of us have sadly heard the comments before.

“No baby could like being tied up in that thing!”

“If you hold her all the time, you’re going to spoil her!”

“He’ll never learn to walk if you always carry him!”

If you’ve ever felt pressure from well-meaning family and friends telling you that something is wrong with holding/snuggling/wearing your baby, this story about a newborn monkey whose prescribed treatment for survival was TOUCH might help quell some of the criticism.  For humans and other primate species, the need to be held is not only social-emotional, but a biological necessity in order to ensure healthy growth and development!!  Snuggling your baby close helps promote healthy breathing patterns and weight gain for newborns, more stability in temperature control no matter the weather conditions, and secure attachment throughout life.  So snuggle away!!  <3

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