A thoughtful guest post from PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange coordinator, Kristie!


NPR had an interesting piece yesterday on new parents in Bolivia forsaking the traditional aguayo wrap sling in the name of being more “modern.”  Many commentors noted that as they go one way, we seem to be going the other, having recognized that the “Western” way of doing things isn’t always the best way.

One thing for potential new babywearers to note is that there’s often a learning curve to babywearing even when it’s part of the culture.  From the article,

“I was afraid to use the aguayo, I didn’t know how,” she says. “The first time I tried, he ended up facing down, with his feet where his head should’ve been. But my mother has been helping me learn, and it’s gotten better.”

One can hope that the circle continues to turn in Boliva and elsewhere so that thousands of years of babywearing culture isn’t lost!

p*happy babywearing*

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