Sally & the RTB

Sally & the RTB Are you a gambling Boogie Man??? Today is your chance to take a chance and roll the dice!! One random order placed today for an in-stock item will earn a stalk-free pass for PAXbaby’s epic cosplay wrap, Sally!! Jack’s... Read More
Little Butt Diapers ISO Angel

Little Butt Diapers ISO Angel

    When babywearing and cloth diapering worlds collide, PAXbaby and Little Butt Diapers have designed together an adorable diaper featuring unique wrap scrap applique! As a creative collaboration, this WAHM team dreamed up the cutest advocacy diaper EVER,... Read More
Introducing Judy & Park

Introducing Judy & Park Have you ever wanted to learn more about the WAHMs behind‘s amazing products??? See how these artistic moms got started? See how they are able to create magic with little children under foot all day?! Now you can! The PAXmoms are happy to... Read More
Free Friday and MOMMYCON

Free Friday and MOMMYCON a Rafflecopter giveaway HAPPY FREE FRIDAY! MommyCon is coming to ANAHEIM this November 14th and do you know what that means?!?! OUR OWN BACKYARD!!!! You can get your MommyCon-on along with the PAXmoms and all of our favorite friends! Join us... Read More

POST HERE! See this really cute PAXmommy on the right!!?!? She is PAXmommy Melly and our ONE & ONLY Canadian PAXmom! She is also our bloggess who works super duper hard to make our blog sparkly, friendly, helpful, and FUN! She writes about all things parenting,... Read More

#PAXpoppins The #PAXpoppins is my new favorite carry; you would not believe how EASY this one is! Follow along with my SUPER FAST video, or beg me for a new demo! Here are my written instructions for this torso rebozo one shouldered carry with a sixe 5, 6, or 7!... Read More
Happy #ibw2015!!!

Happy #ibw2015!!!

paxbaby Happy #IBW2015!!! Babywearers around the world are celebrating this week dedicated to babywearing as a lifestyle, a choice, a necessity, an art, and here at PAXbaby, as a business! Without babywearing, we imagine that our lives would be drastically dull. No... Read More
DAY 4 OF #IBW2015

DAY 4 OF #IBW2015 Tomorrow PAXplaydates will be celebrating International Babywearing Week at Peltzer Farms!!! Cannot join us in person?? Make sure to comment on our Facebook post with the name of YOUR local babywearing group and enter to win a FREE Beco Gemini... Read More