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All the details you will need to know about PAXbaby’s epic cosplay stocking are HERE!
The PAXmoms are juggling quite a few balls today; thank you for your patience!
We know you are all excited, and so are we!!! <3 Wishing you the BEST of luck, on this most spooky of stockings!
– Jack (version 2) and Through the Looking Glass Again (version 2) with Sally (version 2) will all be released under the same category at 4:00 pm PDT, TODAY, Wednesday October 21st, so you don’t need to stalk multiple pages and sites.
– The link you need at 4 pm PDT today will be:
– PayPal will be turned off for the first 10 minutes to prevent oversells
– You may purchase a gift certificate, use your credit card or debit card.
– There are only very few Jack 2 ring slings available.
– There will be no Sally 2 or TTLGA ring slings.
– Sally 2 is stuck in customs and will be shipped as soon as she arrives but we don’t have an updated ETA.
– Sally MAY not arrive in time for Halloween!!!!!
– ONE wrap/wrap package etc per household.
– Jack 2, Sally 2 AND TTLGA are 100% cotton and gorgeous!
– Jack will be paired with Sally in size 7; TTLGA will be in combination with Sally size 6!
– This will NOT be the only way to score a Sally; we have other ideas up our sleeves for more exciting stockings!
– Your shipping address cannot be changed after payment, so if using a stalking buddy, please work that out in advance!
– There will be TWO options for packages – Jack 2/Sally 2 or TTLGA/ Sally 2, and packages are in the $400 – $455 price point!
– Wraps will ONLY be available in packages at this time!!!
PAXbaby_through the looking glass_TTLG_woven wrap_alice_wonderland_disney inspired_baby

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