Day #4 – ISO ANGEL for Sally flips only

The PAXmoms are busy “making Christmas, making Christmas” with an ISO Angel style stocking today for Sally Flip buckle carriers! If you have not already had the chance to sit with Sally in the moonlight, “try something fresher, something pleasant.” Try entering PAXbaby’s ISO Angel blog post between 10:00 am – 1:00pm PDT and hope that you are chosen to purchase our beautiful #disneybound PAXexclusive woven wrap conversion soft structured carrier aka Sally Flip! “Everybody seems so happy” and you will be too, once you have Sally buckled around your baby and you’ve “shaken this feeling that you have [that] the worst is just around the bend!”
Wait until after midnight today to find out whether Lock, Shock, and Barrel will be escorting Sally to your awaiting arms! An email inviting you to choose your preference of size (standard or toddler) may be waiting for you; check your junk mail too because your chance to claim one of our #disneyboundSally carriers only lasts 12 hours!

*Fine print :
Shipping address must stay consistent with your PAXaccount; the PAXmoms will not be able to change your shipping addy for Sally from your original order!
*** Pattern will change depending on the cut of the carrier.

*happy babywearing *

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