The #PAXpoppins is my new favorite carry; you would not believe how EASY this one is! Follow along with my SUPER FAST video, or beg me for a new demo! Here are my written instructions for this torso rebozo one shouldered carry with a sixe 5, 6, or 7!



#PAXpoppins Carry

Find middle marker

Place at center of your torso

Gather wrap

Pull ends to your back

Switch hands

Pull ends up and over your shoulders to your chest

Let ends drop in front of you

Gather wrap on each shoulder making sure that wrap is smooth across your back

Hold baby on your body where you want baby to be when you are finished wrapping

Pull top rail of the wrap over baby to their nape

Smooth wrap down over baby’s body

Tuck remainder of wrap under baby’s bottom creating a seat (knee to knee with baby’s knees higher than their bottom like an M)

Pull ends to tighten

Smooth wrap over each shoulder and leave gathered on your neck

Pull one end taut and either place between your knees or stand on the end

Pull the other end taut and pop your arm out and over the end so the wrap is now under your arm around your ribs

Pull snugly scross your torso and baby’s body

Pull the end under the taut vertical rail

Tuck this new layer under baby’s bottom as a second seat

Double back the end so that the “wrong side of the wrap is showing”

Tuck this new layer under baby’s bottom as a third seat

Bring end over baby’s body and leg (or under if you prefer) and to your back

Bring the taut vertical end leg (or under if you prefer) and to your back

Knot off behind your back with a double knot

Or if you have plenty of tail left, cross and bring back to your front to tie off under baby’s bum

Smooth the layers over baby’s body

Using your thumb pull the bottom rail of the wrap over your shoulder down and back up to cap your shoulder (or gather neatly if you prefer)

Check in a mirror that baby’s posture is a beautiful M and that baby’s airways are clear

ENJOY the comfort of the #PAXpoppins carry, a rebozo torso carrier with one shoulder and a Poppins finish!

Try my #PAXpoppins video for a quick tutorial!




*happy babywearing*



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