Have you ever wanted to learn more about the WAHMs behind‘s amazing products??? See how these artistic moms got started? See how they are able to create magic with little children under foot all day?! Now you can!
The PAXmoms are happy to introduce to you the talented Hannah from Judy & Park!

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Judy & Park started out as a creative outlet, making bows and ears as a hobby while working full time as a preschool teacher. Now I’m lucky enough to say it’s my full time job! I work around my 9 month old son’s sleep schedule, squeezing in as much sewing time as I can during naps, and packaging orders late into the night while my family sleeps. I think that’s pretty typical for all WAHMs. We are always moms and wives first.

The name “Judy & Park” is a combination of my husband’s mother’s name, Judy, and my grandfather’s name, Park. These are two of the most influential people we’ve had in our lives. People who believed in us, and taught us important life lessons. By naming my business after these two amazing people it keeps their legacies alive and motivates me to do my best day after day. I have a creative soul, making things with my hands is soothing and calming for me. It’s something I look forward to being able to do everyday.

My favorite items I make are always customs ears. When I can take someone’s general ideas and make them come to life as a tangible object it’s beyond rewarding.”

Thank you SO much, Hannah for sharing your passion with us, and giving us a little history lesson on Judy & Park!! Keep on creating, and we will keep on loving what you do!
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*happy babywearing*

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