See this really cute PAXmommy on the right!!?!? She is PAXmommy Melly and our ONE & ONLY Canadian PAXmom! She is also our bloggess who works super duper hard to make our blog sparkly, friendly, helpful, and FUN! She writes about all things parenting, natural, breastfeeding, cooking, homeschooling, holidays, being a busy working mama, EVERYTHING! There is nothing she likes better than interaction on her posts so please, if you have a nice comment to leave at any of our posts – new or old – please make Melly’s day by posting! And to sweeten the deal, I am going to reward you by choosing a random comment made anywhere on the blog between now and NEXT Thursday October 22 to win a FREE goodie! I haven’t decided WHAT yet, but maybe you should post here and suggest something that you would like to win! Good luck!
<3 PAXmommy Jillian

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*happy babywearing*

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