Happy #IBW2015!!! Babywearers around the world are celebrating this week dedicated to babywearing as a lifestyle, a choice, a necessity, an art, and here at PAXbaby, as a business! Without babywearing, we imagine that our lives would be drastically dull. No rainbows, no fun patterns, no extra snuggle time, and no extra pair of hands exactly when and where we need them! Thanks to babywearing, the PAXmoms can tell you how much easier it is to parent 19 children under 13 years old between us! Thanks to babywearing, the PAXmoms can tell you how to juggle work, cranky babies, and take care of the housework all at the same time! Thanks to babywearing, our children are fed, our husbands are happy, and we have a wonderful sense of accomplishment at the end of each and every day! We want YOU to feel the love as well, so please enjoy a token of our gratitude, and use this code: ibw2015 on * almost * everything at for today only!

Fine print : Our generous discount code is only valid today, and not applicable on custom listings including Horrorlands, ISO Angel listings, prior or future purchases, and exempt from Tula Baby Carriers, Beco Baby Carriers, Maya Wraps, and BumGenius diapers. Thank you for your understanding!

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*happy babywearing*

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