Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday! All hail to Small Business Owners!  It is with joy that PAXbaby has joined for more than 4 years the ranks of WAHMs (Work At Home Moms) who support their families by working so hard to stay competitive with the big box stores (hello, Walmart, Target,... Read More
A Great American Tradition

A Great American Tradition PAXfriends, it’s almost Thanksgiving!  Once we pass that savory American holiday, another uniquely American phenomenon is upon us: shopping season! Your FAVORITE babywearing SUPERSTORE is planning something SPECIAL for Black Friday AND for... Read More

Cosleeping… A babywearing mom, Tanya, wrote to me with sadness, and thought that the PAXbaby readers would be interested in seeing this if you haven’t already!  Here at PAXbaby, we are attachment parents who co-sleep, but we completely understand that... Read More