As a babywearing advocate, we are called to spread the word and distribute as much information as possible!  Thank you sharing this post for anyone who is pro-babywearing whether they are a certified educator, a babywearing parent, or a neighbor who smiles every time she sees you actively bonding with your child!  THANK YOU to each of you for diligently demonstrating how to bond with your baby and teach them the best you can – in your sling, next to your heart, skin to skin!

Every day, a new mom is wearing her baby in a GREAT carrier because of the efforts you & I are doing as babywearers… tirelessly, endlessly, fighting against the plastic car seat bucket, the mechanical arms of the automatic swing, the vapid playpen filled with meaningless, electronic toys meant to encourage learning and stimulation when all baby needs is to be held and worn and carried for the best exercise, education, and bonding possible!

PAXbaby Babywearing Educator

We are battling for the right of babies to be tactilely engaged and to returned to a norm for what their bodies are biologically designed – TOUCH!!!  Human touch, what babies need and crave and severely miss when they are toted from here to there in the artificial cradle of their car seat and then plopped into a synthetic swing or seat at home.  As babywearing educators and advocates, we promote this healthy bond between baby and parent which results in the well rounded, happy, curious, & independent child.  Don’t give up the fight for babywearing, these babies need us, and guidance is crucial for today’s ___  parents who are easily swayed by the supposed “expert” advice of doctors being funded by large corporations and well meaning friends who “did it and their child is fine!”  Help this new generation’s mothers and fathers to understand that less is NOT more, that a crying baby is NOT a normal baby, and that a touched baby is more likely to learn faster, grow stronger, and become a more confident kid and eventually, a secure and self assured adult!  If the parent’s goal is to raise a child to be strong and assertive, let’s help to give the parent the skills they will need from their baby’s birth and offer all the best knowledge and advice we have to encourage their bonding relationship through babywearing!!!

*happy babywearing*

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