A babywearing mom, Tanya, wrote to me with sadness, and thought that the PAXbaby readers would be interested in seeing this if you haven’t already!  Here at PAXbaby, we are attachment parents who co-sleep, but we completely understand that co-sleeping is not for everyone, and we would never condone you for your personal parenting choices!  These ads, however, are shockingly terrible, even for non-co-sleepers!!!

From Tanya:

“This was how part of the article read……..

As reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the campaign, unveiled last Wednesday, includes two posters of a baby lying in a bed next to a large knife. In one, the baby is white; in the other, the baby is black. “YOUR BABY SLEEPING NEXT TO YOU CAN BE JUST AS DANGEROUS,” the copy blares.
The second-leading cause of infant mortality in Milwaukee is SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, which often results from ”unsafe sleep,” according to the health department’s website. A form of “unsafe sleep” is bed-sharing with parents.
“Is it shocking? Is it provocative?” asked Bevan Baker, the city’s commissioner of health, according to the Journal Sentinel. ”Yes. But what is even more shocking and provocative is that 30 developed and underdeveloped countries have better [infant death] rates than Milwaukee.”
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I personally found this ad and the article on a whole appalling…..I LOVE attachment parenting – the whole nine yards……breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping.  The people who wrote this obviously know nothing about real parenting and have not checked the facts that 99% of babies that die co-sleeping do so because of negligent parents (ie:drug/alcohol use, extreme obesity etc.).  Also why do children in third world countries have a lower SIDS rate than us Americans?? It is because they are all co-sleeping, baby-wearing and breastfeeding.  They are not drowning themselves in prescription drugs, alcohol, paying more attention to the T.V. than the baby monitor, and feeding their babies food at as early and age as possible so they sleep longer at night.
So you safe co-sleepers in Milwaukee  – and everywhere –  please, keep it up!
These are my  two older beautiful kids on vacation who still (yes, it’s true) co-sleep with us…..the baby missed the pic as he is an early riser!”
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*happy {co-sleeping} & babywearing*

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