Milk for Bailey

Milk for Bailey Please consider milk sharing with Bailey in any way possible! Her family lives in the SoCal area, so if you are a local pumping mama, or have excess stored in your freezer, please email... Read More
PAXbaby at MILK

PAXbaby at MILK Will you be attending MILK: An Infant Feeding Conference??? Don’t forget to come find us and say HI!!! Look for the RAINBOW umbrella!!! Which speaker are YOU most looking forward to hearing... Read More
Love is…

Love is… Love is… Babywearing. Toddler snuggles. Extended nursing. Flowers on a warm Spring day. Exploring, and seeing the world from the best spot around. paxbaby *happy babywearing*... Read More

Milksharing The PAXmommies are BIG supporters of milk sharing and donation. If you are able to pump extra milk or directly nurse another baby, please consider milk sharing or cross nursing, to help boost another baby’s immune system with the amazing... Read More
Magic Milk Boosters!!

Magic Milk Boosters!! Are you struggling to make enough milk? Is your toddler nursing like a newborn? Is your baby going through a growth spurt?? Give those boobies the boost they have needed!!! This herb blend can give you let down by the NEXT feeding! Try these... Read More
Lactation Cookies PAXrecipe

Lactation Cookies PAXrecipe Do you need a boost to your milk supply? Do you love cookies?? Would you like to eat yummy cookies that will boost your milk supply? PAXmommy Celia has a DELICIOUS Lactation cookie PAXrecipe to share with all of our PAXfans!! Enjoy!! Gluten Free Vegan... Read More
World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!!! Breastfeeding is not always easy. For something that one would assume would be so natural, the act often has so many struggles, struggles that even the most seasoned mother can be unprepared for. With each new... Read More
Tandem breastfeeding!

Tandem breastfeeding! PAXfriend Samantha P is proud to be bringing this ray of sunshine to our day today! Tandem breastfeeding her two children (nearly 3.5 years old and just turned 1) has been her way of giving them a “home base while they explore” the world in a... Read More
Anna’s Story

Anna’s Story Dear Jillian, I’m Anna from Budapest,Hungary. I wrote you a comment on IG (@szannae), about thank you for inspiring me. But I think that’s not even close to enough. Me and my baby boy had a really painful birth story. Long story short,after two... Read More