Commonsense Childbirth

Commonsense Childbirth is proud to host THREE  Uppymama *After Midnight* Auctions, to benefit Commonsense Childbirth!! 100% of the proceeds from these auctions, beyond the opening bid, will be sent to Commonsense Childbirth to provide midwifery care to women who... Read More
Pope Francis rocks!

Pope Francis rocks! When the Pope says to do something, you do it! I wonder how many of the mothers in the Sistine Chapel last Sunday DID nurse their babies after hearing this pro-breastfeeding comment from the Pope : “Today the choir will sing but the most beautiful... Read More
EXCLUSIVE Pumping for TWO years

EXCLUSIVE Pumping for TWO years

paxbaby paxbaby You will often read us singing the praises of breastfeeding, but something we don’t really talk too much about is alllllll the mamas that are exclusively PUMPING!! PAXbaby would like to give a HUGE congratulations to our friend Jane and her son... Read More
Mastitis is no joke

Mastitis is no joke Happy 2 weeks to #babycate and OH NO, I have mastitis! Mastitis is the pits.  It is such an awful affliction that women have to deal with when dealing with breastfeeding / pumping, and it’s just not fair.  I’m not a... Read More
Welcome, Baby Cate!!!

Welcome, Baby Cate!!! PAXmommy Jillian’s Baby #7 is here safely!  Thank you for your patience as we spent the first 24 hours with our newest blessing in privacy. We’re so happy to share her with you now! Our Cate was born on October 28 at 7:50 am after... Read More
Baby Goose Friday!

Baby Goose Friday! Looking for the perfect way to commemorate all of those hours breastfeeding your little one??‘s FREE FRIDAY giveaway, hosted by Baby Goose Portraits, is an amazing and memorable custom 8″ x 10″ silhouette of the... Read More
Would You Nurse Her in the Park?

Would You Nurse Her in the Park? We PAXmommies are just LOVING this poem from Dr. Momma. Dr. Seuss for Nursing Moms Would you nurse her in the park? Would you nurse him in the dark? Would you nurse him with a Boppy? And when your boobs are feeling floppy? I would nurse him in... Read More
PAXmommy Brianna at WIC

PAXmommy Brianna at WIC paxbaby Q:  Soo PAXmommy B, you went somewhere pretty special the other day, can you tell me where you went? PAXmommy Brianna: I went to the San Diego American Red Cross WIC office to start a carrier lending library for local breastfeeding moms who receive... Read More