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Happy Breastfeeding Week!
How long have you been breastfeeding for?
PAXmommy Jillian has been breastfeeding for 119 months of her 135 months of being a mama!
The road has not always been easy. There have been ups and downs, and everything inbetweens – mastitis, pregnancy, lip-ties, tongue-ties, twins, tandem feeding, abscesses, losses, sickness, loss of milk, milk production issues (over supply/under supply) etc. etc.
The PAXmommies have always helped one another, and have even breastfed one another’s babies/toddlers when needed.

Do you have support? One of the biggest keys to successful breastfeeding for the PAXmommies has been a solid support system, both at home, and in the community.
Can we help you? Is there something you are struggling with?
Maybe we can help!
Feel free to email us at!
*happy breastfeeding week*

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