Little Butt Diapers ISO Angel

Little Butt Diapers ISO Angel

    When babywearing and cloth diapering worlds collide, PAXbaby and Little Butt Diapers have designed together an adorable diaper featuring unique wrap scrap applique! As a creative collaboration, this WAHM team dreamed up the cutest advocacy diaper EVER, and has for... Read More
PAXnews 2/20/15

PAXnews 2/20/15

Everyone loves surprises, don’t they?!?! Secrets make ordinary things seem more FUN, and a surprise discount code certainly makes this email more fun! Click through the link below and discover the code that ONLY PAXnews subscribers can use to receive a... Read More
PAXnews PAXcredit Giveaway

PAXnews PAXcredit Giveaway Contest is open to PAXnews subscribers worldwide. At the close of the giveaway, the lucky winner will be emailed and $25 added to their account at! Please be sure the email address you enter on the form is the address associated... Read More
Babywearing at Disneyland

Babywearing at Disneyland Planning a trip to Disneyland this fall? Wondering which carriers to bring, or which rides you’ll be able to enjoy with your little one? We can help you plan! It’s no secret that several of the PAXfamilies are big Disney enthusiasts, and we... Read More
PAXplaydate Release Forms!

PAXplaydate Release Forms! PAXbaby doesn’t want to rain on your parade, so let’s take care of business before the party starts! Please fill out these forms so we can have your details handy! This information will be kept privately and used for each PAXplaydate, so once... Read More
Lactation Cookies PAXrecipe

Lactation Cookies PAXrecipe Do you need a boost to your milk supply? Do you love cookies?? Would you like to eat yummy cookies that will boost your milk supply? PAXmommy Celia has a DELICIOUS Lactation cookie PAXrecipe to share with all of our PAXfans!! Enjoy!! Gluten Free Vegan... Read More
Shipping Update!

Shipping Update! Once in a while, the rainbow cogs at PAXbaby have to take a break to get oiled with unicorn tears and tightened up with a magical wrench! While PAXHQ is receiving a tune up, the PAXmoms are running wild and going to the happiest place on earth!!! If you... Read More
Homeschool Field Trips

Homeschool Field Trips PAXmommy Celia has just begun homeschooling with her oldest child; the part they are excited about the most is FIELD TRIPS!!! They have already studied HISTORY at Disneyland with the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and SCIENCE at the Beach... Read More