PAXbaby is celebrating Valentine’s Day with 13 days of Peace & Love leading up to the big HEART day itself! Today we turn to our kids. Oh Etsy, website of handiwork and heartfelt wonder! It’s day number nine and we feature some of our favorite babywearing inspired items on Etsy and some gorgeous warm and fuzzy photos from a blogging mama.

PAXbaby loves Etsy!

Toy Pouch Sling for ChildrenEtsy is a favorite website of the PAXbaby mamas! You can find anything there, and most of it is handmade! We especially love coming across babywearing items on Etsy! Check out these fun finds!

Babywearing gear for little people! These handmade pouch slings are perfect for little girls and boys to carry their dolls or stuffed animals in. I’ve even heard of little boys using them to tote around their favorite trucks! So cute! The mama behind this pouch sling in it’s country-flair bandanna print says, “The slings are for sale — we keep the cowgirls =)”

Slinging-Mama pendantsThe mama and papa behind Family Tree Glass are babywearers! Along with this gorgeous Slinging Mama pendant, they hand create beautiful pregnancy, birth and nursing pendants from a rainbow of colors of glass. Each piece is one of a kind, they don’t use molds! Pretty awesome, isn’t it? A beautiful way to commemorate the relationship between you and your little one and remind you of the precious slinging days! Check out their website for even more glass art.

Laminated Magnet - Attachment ParentingHere’s a babywearing magnet to stick on your fridge! The sweet, hand drawn image shows a baby in mama’s sling. I love the colors on the sling, reminds me of Wrapsody Bali Baby in Iris with it’s rainbow of colors melting together. What do you think?

The art is by Jen Niles and is also available as an ink jet print.

Some of the most inspiring Etsy art we have come across is babywearing dolls. First up, choose from a mother and newborn or family babywearing doll sets. The mama behind these gorgeous works of art is from Sydney, Australia! Her dolls are approximately 5″ tall, perfectly sized for little hands. The babywearing family wears their newborn twins, mama with her sling and papa in his wrap. The mother and newborn is a four piece set, mom can switch between wearing her babe in a pouch sling or wrap! The babies are swaddled and wear adorable elf-like hats.
Mother and newborn minature doll set 6 Piece Doll Set

And check out this needle felted babywearing mama egg! Perfectly sized for your little one’s hands, this sweet mama has her baby all wrapped up in a sling. If you aren’t familiar with needle felting, it begins with raw wool roving which is then poked and squished into form. It’s an arduous process, but the results can be spectacular, as shown with this gorgeous little egg! You can also order this and other egg designs as part of a half-dozen carton of wool eggs. (Could be a perfect basket stuffer for Easter, which is right around the corner!)

babywearing-watercolorWe’ll end with some babywearing inspired art. This simple yet breathtaking watercolor art piece depicts a daddy wearing his baby on his back in a meh dai. I love the monochromatic look and simple lines. And baby looks snuggled against daddy’s back, maybe even sleeping! One other cool thing about this picture, if you haven’t noticed, the fabric in the background is none other than the same as our Zoye Beco Butterfly II! Pretty neat!

Thanks to all the Etsy mamas and papas for inspiring us and creating works of art that remind us to cherish our little ones and wear them often!

Erika of Inspired Mama Musings shares these warm fuzzies

:: this belly ::
26-ish weeks. every single wiggle and kick brings a smile.
:: new mitts ::
goldenrod cestari merino + coconut buttons = happy hands indeed.
:: cute thrifted boots to wear with cute thrifted skirt ::
maternity skirt mentioned above has an elastic waistband and a button fly! how funny is that!
:: color, color everywhere ::
we have painted every day this week and have no plans to stop.
:: this weather ::
spring in january. ’nuff said!

:: new fluffy fiber ::
what will i knit? oh, the possibilities!

yours in loving life and making happy,

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