PAXbaby is celebrating Valentine’s Day with 13 days of Peace & Love leading up to the big HEART day itself! Today we are celebrating all the lovely blogging mamas who are joining us in our 13 Days of Peace and Love!

PAXbaby loves Blogging!

I’m sure we make it look like it comes naturally, but the PAXbaby mamas are really novices at blogging! Hee hee! But we try hard and hope our effort speaks stronger than our often clumsy execution!

When we started posting the things we love on our blog as a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we were having so much fun that we decided to ask some PAXbaby fans and blogging mamas to join us. Well things grew quickly and our clumsiness perhaps took over again, but we have found some polished and eloquent moms who are excited about blogging the things they love along with us, no matter how unorganized we have been!

So today we celebrate the patience and tolerance of these lovely mamas as we present our
2010 13 Days of Peace and Love Blogroll:

If we’ve forgotten you, so so sorry! Please let us know and we will update our blogroll!

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