PAXexclusive Neverland

PAXexclusive Neverland PAXfriends, you know how amazing our PAXexclusive wraps have been, and our newest Neverland is quite possibly the most epic thus far! Designed in collaboration with Quasico Designs, Neverland is an adventure wrap featuring the Darlings, the... Read More


  m PAXbaby Happy weekend to ALL the daddies/grandpas/caregivers that fill that role and an especially big hug to all those that babywear while they do so!! The bond being created just by wearing your babies is an amazing one produced only by the close contact that... Read More
Milk for Bailey

Milk for Bailey Please consider milk sharing with Bailey in any way possible! Her family lives in the SoCal area, so if you are a local pumping mama, or have excess stored in your freezer, please email... Read More
BB8 & Loss

BB8 & Loss A message from PAXmommy Jillian and PAXdaddy Aaron: “Aaron and I had to give our little herd the most difficult news last night. Telling them that their new baby has gone to Heaven and they will not be holding a sweet new person in their... Read More
Wonderful news for PAXbaby!

Wonderful news for PAXbaby! It is with an overflowing heart and joyful song that I am writing this blog post! As each of my babies has been born and grows so quickly into a small person, I wonder, “Is this my last baby? Will this be the last time I experience the wonderment of... Read More
Meet & greet!!!!!

Meet & greet!!!!! Local PAXfriends, meet me at the Disneyland Hotel lobby on Monday! Come pick up your new Alice Through the Looking Glass wrap, take a quick selfie, or just hang out with PAXmommy Jillian at the TEACUPS in the LOBBY! If you are picking up your wrap please... Read More
Legacy Wraps

Legacy Wraps Do you have a legacy wrap for your little one? One that holds many special memories and that you will keep forever and ever?? Sometimes legacy wraps are wraps that you fall in love with, sometimes legacy wraps are wraps or carriers that were... Read More