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Hi babywearing group leaders, PAXbaby is dismantling our now defunct rental program, and we have carriers to share! These range from well loved & used to new since we had stockpiled to use in the future and now cannot. Our Sling Exchange program was dearly beloved and we will miss being able to offer this service, but unfortunately insurance liability was just too high to continue! Make our loss your gain, and let our entire community continue to reap the benefits of having a wide variety of carriers at their fingertips to try!

For just $215, we will send you a NWT (New with tags) Girasol hand woven 100% cotton woven wrap in your choice of available length as well as a KoKaDi wrap conversion Flip carrier also with tags. If you would like an additional wrap of a different brand, a WCRS ring sling , buckle carrier or a meh dai as well, we are happy to accommodate your stash needs!
Please check out here for the $215 Stash Package and choose the option for Contact me for MORE options if you would like additional carriers added on as well!


*happy babywearing*


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