Remember that time when PAXbaby and Tekhni had the most BEAUTIFUL baby together! We are absolutely over the moon with these fabulous wrap scrap bags created from our very own Tekhni Delta PAX!

Tekhni really has developed the perfect bag for your every need!
Just the essentials? Throw the bare necessities into your Tagalong Clutch and be on your way!
Need a daily-user? The Cross-town will be at your side to carry everything you need and more!
Going to the beach? Out of town? Heavy packer? Then the Traveler is more your style!

Better yet! Throw your keys and phone into your Tagalong Clutch, toss that into your CrossTown Bag, and simply sling your Traveler over your shoulder and head on out the door! Winning!!!


PAXbaby’s Tekhni Tagalong Clutch features our very own PAXexclusive Delta PAX, a burst of rainbow weft on a geometric woven wrap! The Tagalong is fully lined, and the snap on handle is ideal for parenting on the go! Perfect for small items including your ever present phone, the Tagalong Clutch is our smallest Tekhni bag; shop here for bigger sizes! Created just for you, your order will be custom sewn with the greatest care to details!

Tekhni Tagalong Clutch Details:
9.5″ wide x 5.5″ high
5″ wrist loop

Available only at in limited quantities, the Tekhni CrossTown is a custom item created just for YOU from our own PAXexclusive Delta PAX! Our rainbow wrap has never looked so fine; this fun messenger bag can easily be worn while babywearing or maybe even on a child-less date!!?!?!?!??! Sling ring shoulder strap, fully lined and with pockets to fill, CrossTown Bag had you at HELLO! Flaunt your love of rainbows with our CrossTown bag in bright bright shades of ROYGBIV!

Tekhni CrossTown Details:
3.5′ deep x 11″ wide x 12″ high
adjustable strap-drop 32″ +/-

Bring it ALL in your new “PAXexclusive Delta PAX Tekhni Traveler tote bag!” Now try saying that five times fast!!! Created for you, with your needs in mind, the Traveler is the perfect blend of beauty and brawn! You won’t need to leave anything behind as long as you have your Traveler to throw it all into! PAXbaby has got pockets, lining, an adorable shape, and more; shop now, and if you think you may need a smaller format bag in addition, click here!

Tekhni Traveler Details:
5.5″ deep x 15″ wide x 14.5″ high
9″ strap drop

Now for the hard part… which will YOU choose!??
*happy babywearing*

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