Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine Daydream is the perfect vision of a family day at the beach. The peaceful wash of the waves on shore, the sounds of laughter and joy as the little ones play in the sand and the sea. A family day at the beach is one of love and fun, and this wrap will surround you with a bit of that feeling of sunshine, even on the cloudiest day

Pre-order for Sunshine Daydream will be based on filling order minimums for each colorway. If one colorway is more successful than the other, we will ask if you would like to switch in order to bring these wraps to life. We hope you will all bask in the Sunshine with us! THANK YOU!


Here is some background story about Sunshine Daydreamer from wrap designer, Emily V. Please be warned that you may be triggered by this information. This is Emily’s story to tell :

“The creation of Sunshine Daydream was a very personal work of healing for me. I am a military veteran. Two years ago, during a deployment, I experienced both a military sexual assault, and simultaneously lost my breastfeeding relationship with my first child because of that deployment. I now struggle with anxiety, anger and depression, and am working on rebuilding my sense of self worth.

We lived in San Diego when all of this happened, just a few moments from the beach. My husband and I conceived our 2nd baby as a defiant act of love shortly after I returned home, and we spent many afternoons and evenings during our pregnancy at Imperial Beach as a family. The sounds of the waves, and the sight of my son playing so happily were a balm to my soul. The beach allowed me to find a calm, peaceful place, when there was so much storm inside of me. It let me forget the hurt, and just BE.


Abigail, who to me will always be my rainbow baby, was a stubbornly sticky baby, a mommy’s girl from the get go, and she ran 13 days over her guess arrival date! We had to get her delivered before 14 days over in order to keep our beautiful birth center experience, and so my husband and I walked, every night, barefoot out on the sand, to stimulate my pressure points and help encourage her to find her way out. I communed with the wind and the waves, asking them every day to send me my sweet baby girl, safely expediently, and in the final hour, my beach baby was born.

We no longer live close to the ocean, but the beach still lives in my heart, the joy and relief that it gave our family. This design is a perfect representation of those happy days, a means to wrap ourselves up in the warmth of the beach and the rays of the sun, even when we are far from the sea. I hope that when you wrap with it, you feel every moment of love and care that Jennifer and I put into designing it. Let the Sunshine flow through you and your beautiful babes with Sunrise and Sunset .

Peace be with you,


*happy babywearing*

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