Our PAXexclusive Rainbows for Days woven wrap was inspired by the amazing scientific phenomenon of the double rainbow. As with all double rainbows the first arcis vivid with stark contrast between the colors while the second is typically less vibrant with blended colors. Similarly, Rainbows for Days, hand woven by West of the Fourth JUST for, features two rainbows, one with clean color changes and one that is a blend of color.

Created in Canada, Rainbows for Days is a handwoven wrap, using a ring spun American cotton warp and West of the 4th Weaving‘s signature super soft flax and tencel weft yarn. Nancy weaves these wonderful wraps on her loom by hand; she often weaves with her baby, Thryn, on her back and her husband, Corwyn at her side. This beautiful exclusive wrap is a cumulation of years of friendship between West of the 4th and, and it is our pleasure to welcome these wraps to our beautiful rainbow line up!

With great excitement, PAXbaby & West of the 4th Weaving would like to announce our limited stocking of our beautiful PAXexclusive Rainbows for Days; come back to shop on Tuesday September 13th at 1 PM PDT HERE!


*happy babywearing*


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