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Perfect for summer babywearing, Chimparoo’s Ring Sling Air-O is a model specially designed to be worn in a wet environment and ideal for hot weather! A lot of babywearers find it’s easier to wear your little one in the shower than to juggle a slippery baby, so this polyester woven sling is perfect! Even when wet the sling stays light and airy and doesn’t retain water. and does not retain water. The shoulder of the Air-O is sewn without folds in a gathered style without a pocket.
Use with newborn babies upwards for as long as you are comfortable and able to wear baby in an ergonomic position. To breastfeed your baby discreetly, using the tail as a cover, with baby fully supported. The ring sling is available in two sizes:
Size 1 : 72.8 inches / 185 cm (small – medium)

Size 2 : 86.6 inches / 220 cm (large – extra)

Available in 8 colors :

Please note that our {water} ring slings are meant to be used while wading in shallow water, strolling along the beach, or taking a shower; they are not meant for everyday use. Please exercise extremely caution when wearing your {water} ring sling near or in water.


*happy babywearing*


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