How true is this for our little world of babywearing????

When did you first fall down the rabbit hole?? The world of babywearing has changed so much in the last few years, it truly is amazing. To think under ten years ago it was actually hard to find a woven wrap locally, and now…. and now there are soooo many amazing beauties at the touch of our finger tips! While spending hours online researching these carriers, we find our friends, our support systems, our “families” and ourselves. The journey through motherhood can be lonely, and overwhelming but oh so rewarding when we finally find our “people”. We PAXmommies fell in love with babywearing years ago, and love where the journey has taken us: babywearing education, doula training, teaching, placenta encapsulation, home birthing, birth photography, natural parenting, Bradley Method training, and SO MANY AMAZING  NEW FRIENDS!

Where has babywearing taken YOU??




*happy babywearing*


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