Remember that time when PAXbaby, Tekhni, and Beco had the most BEAUTIFUL baby together! Behold, our PAXexclusive Delta PAX Beco Wrap Conversion Baby Carriers in both Gemini style as well as Toddler! This is the most glorious collaboration I think I have EVER seen! Rainbows for daaaaaaaaays! With 3 chances today to take home a ‘Bekhni,” you may stand a chance to score a rainbow wrap conversion!

delta pax toddler celia brooke

#1 – Enter PAXbaby’s ISO Angel from 8:00am – 12:00pm PST!

#2 – Try your luck at our limited edition fastest fingers stocking at 4 pm PST TODAY right here at!

#3 – Buy any in stock Beco* for the right to buy a Delta PAX in the same size; please let us know if you order a Soleil if you would prefer the Delta PAX Gemini ($250) or Toddler ($325)! * until we run out or for the next 12 hours!

delta pax gemini benz

*happy babywearing*

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