Behind the scenes of Andy’s Room

I fell in love with these
Michael Miller clouds after searching for weeks for the PERFECT fabric. I loved how versatile they were, how they could be used in a variety of cosplay needs, and how neutral they are for all the many parents who won’t wear their boy baby in a “girlie carrier.”



Then PAXmommy Celia said, “you know what this reminds me of most?” And the rest is babywearing history!



Did you know that the front panels for our PAXexclusive Tula
Andy’s Room are actually hand cut to avoid the bottom border.

Although some people may look at these clouds and think “huh… clouds,” I see infinite possibilities, and today’s stocking is only the beginning of the cosplay adventure!


PAXbaby_andys room_tula_clouds_behind the scenes_PAXmoms_carrier


The PAXmoms can’t wait to see how YOU wear your Andy’s Room Tula; don’t forget to send us action pix!

*happy babywearing*

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