I have worked so hard on each of these packages I have to say that they each feel like a “baby” to me, but our PAXexclusive  favorite cosplay accessory set for our Tula, Andy’s Room, has to be Cowboy. The iconic yellow checks paired with the perky red bandana has my heart! Which do you love the most?
Cowgirl with her charming red ric rac and cowpoke print?
Daycare with the rainbows? Did you know this is just one example of many rainbow coordinates we have ready here for you!?!?
Alien with their “get away vehicles” and eyeball-like polka dots?
Army Men with their ode to military life?
Space Ranger with his ultra bright rocket and star combo?
Hmmmm…. SO FUN!

andys room 2 Collage

 *happy babywearing*


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