We still have a few of these AMAZING half wrap conversion Vice Versa Emeibabys left :

The Emeibaby buckles on like a soft-structured carrier, but the unique wrap panel adjusts to ensure excellent knee-to-knee support at every stage as your baby grows!

It’s important to note the difference between a full wrap conversion and a half wrap conversion; a full doesn’t use any canvas fabric while the half ONLY has wrap on the front panel with a lining, shoulder straps, waistband and hood of black canvas!

Special features of the Emeibaby include :

A padded & highly-adjustable waistbelt and shoulder straps.

An attached sleep hood

European manufacturing and design

Baby-size is recommended from newborns (6.6 lbs) to toddlers (up to 33 lbs). No infant insert needed!!

Toddler-plus is recommended for ages 1-3+ (up to 39.6 lbs). The back panel is 2.8″ longer and 1.2″ wider than the baby-size carrier.

The Emeibaby can be used for front or back carries, and includes chest clip

PAXbaby recommends hand-washing with mild detergent (no fabric softener, please!) and air drying to protect the soft fabric.



*happy babywearing*


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