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For the Halloween lovers and Nightmare enthusiasts, lament no longer; it is time for the Jack Tula stocking! Well, almost time! Enter PAXbaby’s ghoulishly spooky drawings to see if you will be chosen for Wednesday’s stocking – October 1 at noon PDT!  This is a 2 step process : #1 – enter the drawing and #2 – win the stocking! Still confused? Just follow Jack’s directions and you will do fine!
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Click here to enter the STANDARD size Jack Tula drawing

Click here to enter the TODDLER size Jack Tula drawing.
* Please note that this drawing is not for a free WC Jack Tula, but to be eligible to purchase a WC Jack Tula at the stocking! – See more here & here
**You may enter for both sizes, but you will only win one opportunity to purchase.
*** There will be more names drawn than carriers available to purchase! Receiving an email does not guarantee you a carrier! This is still a REAL STOCKING, so you will need to have quick fingers – we are just improving your odds at scoring!
**** Payment will go through the cart, and PayPal WILL be available!
***** You have until 9 PM PDT 9/30/2014 to enter the drawings. The Jack stockings will take place on October 1 at noon PDT.
******ALL entries must be accompanied with a post here with which size you would prefer!

*happy HAUNTED babywearing*

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