PAXmommy Mel is a week away from her “due date” with Baby #4, and has been receiving daily babywatch texts for the last two weeks already.

How do you deal with the constant questioning???

Do you deactivate from Facebook until baby arrives?
Or do you update everyone daily on every little detail?

The last few weeks of pregnancy are always the craziest.

Will TODAY be THE day?  Or will it be TWO or THREE weeks from now?

There are only so many times a woman can fold and re-fold all those tiny diapers and onesies.

SO far, here are the stats:

Baby #1 – Born right on EDD – boy 7lbs 13oz, 21.5″

Baby #2 – Born right on EDD – girl 8lbs 10z, 20″

Baby #3 – Born 3 days “early” – girl 8lbs 4oz, 20.5″

Baby #4 – EDD: September 18th – boy ?????

SOOO… it is only a matter of time!!!

AND… most importantly… WHAT will be his first ride!??!


*happy babywearing*


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