The moment I saw this carrier from Emeibaby, I knew that I wanted to see what it was all about.
How could something be both a woven wrap AND a carrier!?? It just seemed too good to be true.
My one pet peeve, usually, with a soft structured carrier (SSC)  is that they often feel bulky and can be hard to get properly adjusted.  I wanted to see if this new carrier would change my previous conceptions of SSCs.
The second the Emeibaby arrived, I tried it on right away with my tiny (then) 3 month old and my first impression honestly was,
“Wow, this is SO cool!!”
**Please excuse the cell phone photo, this was the VERY first time trying this carrier and I was excited to try it on.**
I had heard that it was a complicated carrier to use, and was surprised that it was anything BUT complicated.
I put the waist band around me high on my natural waist under my breasts, snapped it, tightened it, held  my LO against my chest, pulled the little bit of woven wrap under her bum and between our bodies to get a good seat, pulled up the arm straps, tightened them, buckled the clip behind me, and tightened the fabric through the rings to get a good, tight fit… Then reached in between our bodies and made sure she had a good seat and re-tightened. Snapped up the extra fabric, and tucked under the hood.
That was it.
It was just that simple!!
If my explanation confused you, check out the video below:
*Emeibaby says to tuck the extra piece of fabric under the waistband but I found that with a smaller baby, pulled between you and baby, it makes a really great seat just like you would have in a wrap or ring sling*


Because the wrap is fastened only to the middle portion of the waistband, you can easily bunch the fabric in to get a smaller seat for a smaller baby, or spread it out nice and wide to get a good wide seat for a bigger baby or toddler.

Perfect knee to knee coverage and a  deep seat every time.



“Thanks to its ring system it can be precisely adjusted to the baby’s size from birth (6,6 lbs) and is continuously adjustable to grow with the child. Once the carrier has been adjusted to the baby’s size the aluminium rings on the shoulder straps firmly clamp the fabric in place to maintain the desired position.” – Emeibaby
 With a lot of other soft structured carriers (SSCs) on the market today, you need to add a bulky infant insert, or to fiddle with snaps and such to get a perfect fit with an infant. I love that there is none of that with the Emeibaby, everything you need is in one carrier.
It is easy to use, light weight, and can be used both on your back and front.
**Though, like a wrap, we at recommend that your baby is sitting and has good head control before attempting a back carry. **
  I can easily use this carrier with a newborn, and yet quickly throw it on with my 2 year old, do a few adjustments and voila! Great fit with her as well.
No extras needed!
 I love how simple it is: you get the fit of a woven, with the ease of a SSC (soft structured carrier). Perfect hybrid and the best of both worlds!


This carrier fits adults from sizes XXS –  XXL, so not only can I get a great fit, but my husband can, too! He is not quite a wrapper yet, so he loves the ease of this carrier.
We just recently went on a family adventure the other day and he wore our two year old in this carrier.  He was able to get it on, and our toddler situated with no help from me! I had to remind him proper knee to knee positioning and that was it.
He quickly re-adjusted her seat, and we went off on our way. Both were comfortable for hours! She was up high and safe with daddy, and could see everything comfortably.
(He even carried my purse, too… now that’s a real man haha).
Let me address some of the worries/concerns I had previous to trying the Emeibaby Carrier:
Q: Are the rings difficult to adjust and do they slip while the carrier is in use?
A: NO! I was actually surprised at how EASY they are to adjust. The woven slides through the rings to tighten with ease, without slipping throughout the day. I was pleasantly  impressed with that.
Q: Was it difficult to put on straight out of the box? I heard that it is a complicated carrier to use.
A: Not at all. I wish I had taken a video of myself trying it for the first time. I really just opened the box, put it on, grabbed my baby and went with it. It was pretty easy actually. I really wish I could speak to the people that thought it was confusing and see what they had issues with. I cannot see a problem whatsoever!

Q: The shoulder straps cannot cross in the back. Will it still feel supportive after a few hours?
A: The straps are actually quite padded and supportive. I actually think that they are more padded than other SSCs I have tried. I was able to wear my Pumpkin all afternoon with no shoulder pain! That is awesome in my books. Still do wish that the shoulder straps could cross though.
 Q: Isn’t all that excess fabric going to look funny or be annoying after you are done tightening?
A: There are two options to tuck the excess fabric, under the hood and at the bottom of the carrier near the seat. The hood is actually way bigger than I initially thought and pretty much fully hides all excess woven material. When bunched at the bottom, it obviously is still in plain site, but for some reason does not bother me as much as I thought it would.
I hope answering these questions helped a bit. It is hard to invest in a new carrier that is not yet popular in North America. Not too many people have really heard of Emeibaby yet and there have not been a TON of photos, reviews or tutorials etc. out there. I hope that this changes soon because I really do believe that the Emeibaby is a super unique and cool product.
I  have used this carrier nearly every single day since I first tried it out, and that is the truth. I love throwing it in the car for quick uppies with my two youngest, wearing it around the house whilst chasing after the other kids, grocery shopping, and wherever else life leads us.  I also really love that it has a little inner pocket for you to stash your cell phone, keys and/or some cards/money.  SO handy not having to carry around a big bag all the time.
This is the perfect addition to any babywear-er’s stash and has the ability to last your entire babywearing career. Not many carriers, besides a trusty old woven wrap, can grow with your kids!
Pretty good investment if you ask me.
We at are SO pleased to have this carrier in stock for you SOON!

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