One of my favorite baby carriers is the Beco Gemini!  Super soft organic twill, versatile positioning, & crossable shoulder straps make it one of my personal “go to” carriers!  For parents over 5’2″ish, this Soft Structured Carrier should definitely be on your baby registry because it is an EXCELLENT newborn carrier and has the capability to carry much older babies as well!  A lot of moms want to know WHY this would fulfill their babywearing needs as a buckle carrier for their infant, and here’s what I think:

Soft twill to cradle baby comfortably

No buckles at baby’s face level

Foldable headrest to support wee ones’ necks

Crossable shoulder straps for parents’ comfort

Wide enough front panel to froggy baby’s legs

Option to make front panel narrow for baby’s legs coming out

Easy to breastfeed in

I loved what  Mama R. had to say about her experience while wearing her Beco Gemini with an infant, “I bought my Gemini when my son was 6 weeks old, and it’s my favorite carrier hands down. I have an Ergo but really hate it…  I was even able to convince my husband to switch to the Gemini from the Baby Bjorn. It has so many fabulous holds and no pieces to lose. If I had a complaint about this carrier it would be that in the back carry, I need the head rest already hooked in if I expect that my LO will fall asleep. Everything else is easy and intuitive. I even nurse in it while out and about. The hip carry is fabulous for nursing and carrying while eating dinner at a restaurant.

I didn’t do legs tucked in since my son is really long and he quickly showed his distaste for anything that trapped his legs. Even though the legs are out, it has a small base that supports the hips and bum properly unlike the crotch carrying Bjorn. It might look similar but it fits even tiny babies much differently in the leg out carry.”

And a BIG thank you to Kristy and her lovely daughter, Audrey, for the adorable action pix demonstrating the Beco Gemini front carry with a 3 week old!

PAXbaby Beco Gemini newborn infant babywearing

PAXbaby Beco Gemini newborn infant babywearing

*happy babywearing*

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