We* LOVE * babywearing Dads! Here’s the proof – look at the all the comments on THIS recent picture posted at at‘s Facebook page!  That’s why PAXbaby is SO excited to bring you this new baby carrier style for the wonderful babywearing men in our lives!
PAXbaby Boba Camo diaper dude PAXdaddy

Just in time for Fathers Day, Boba has partnered up with dad minded Diaper Dude to bring you a new designer Boba 3G soft structured carrier! It’s the same Boba carrier 3G seen here, but in two print options that are sure to thrill the tastes of dads and moms alike, in Camouflage or black Pinstripe.
PAXbaby Boba 3G Camoflauge Camo daddy babywearing
PAXbaby Boba 3G pinstripe daddy babywearing
Just as cute on Mom as it is on Dad, too!

PAXbaby Boba pinstripe black diaper dude

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