It’s so hard to believe that the PAXdaddy and I have been babywearing parents for 8 1/2 years now – thank you, Baby #1, for being our baby carrier guinea pig – because we are both so natural and at ease with the babywearing situation these days!  You can see my husband regularly wearing our 2 youngest in SSCs (soft structured carriers), MTs (meh dais), and his favorite – Ring Slings!!!  We had to get in the groove pretty quickly of parenting while babywearing hands free as our family grew so fast!  First we had 3 under 2 years, then Baby #4 came along, and they were all still under 4….  5 under 6, well, you get the pattern!  Everyone has to start somewhere, and this sweet photo of the PAXdaddy, he is sporting our very first Ring Sling!  It’s a vintage, hand me down, colorgrown beige, Maya Wrap – used and abused for years before we got it, and just as snuggly and perfect as can be!!!!  Nestled in that sling is 7 days old Baby #4 with his admiring sister already learning how important it is to wear our babies to bond!!!  <3 you, PAXdaddy, and <3 our little BIG babywearing family!!!

PAXbaby babyweaeing daddy ring sling dad father baby carrier

*happy babywearing*

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