Baby carriers are expensive; are they worth it? I know that asking you to pay $100 and more for a baby carrier seems steep. I know that $100 could buy a lot of other baby gear. However, what baby item are you going to use all day every day for the next 12+ months of your baby’s life? New parents cash out for the perfect car seat, and rightfully so since that is a safety issue, but why spend a lot money on a stroller if you are planning on babywearing? I am still pushing the same stroller we purchased with Baby #1, but Baby #6 has never sat in it once! We use it for the stuff involved for outings with 6 kids! The stroller is a great convenient way to get your diaper bag, drinks, snacks etc from here to there, but paying close to $100 seems outlandish for such a tool! A baby carrier on the other hand is the safety net that will keep your post partum life from falling apart! By wearing your baby you will learn about your newborn quickly and be able to predict their rhythms and diagnose their problems. A great baby carrier will enable your hands to be free for chores around the house because having a new baby means scads more loads of laundry and an unexplainable increase of dirty dishes as well! A superb baby carrier will carry your baby from infant to toddler and beyond then when needed, and at the end of your babywearing career should be tucked away carefully for the next baby multiplying its excellent value over another set of babywearing months. Are good baby carriers expensive? Yes, they are, but you are paying for the excellent craftsmanship, quality design, and high grade materials of a product well worth your hard saved money. Save your pennies while pregnant, don’t buy the trendy baby goods like expensive bathtubs (baby can shower with you!), pricey cribs (baby can sleep with you until they transition to their own bed), fancy strollers, bouncy seats, impressive swings, and unnecessary doodads! Call me old fashioned, but all baby needs is to be held close to a warm, comfortable body, and the perfect baby carrier does just that!
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*happy babywearing*

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