Thank you, Anna, for the informative babywearing blog post highlighting the Beco Gemini‘s features and reminding babywearers why not to face forward for long!
Aidan and I love the Beco Gemini for newborns and small babies! Aidan especially loved this carrier because it allowed him to face the world in that exploring stage that babies hit between 3 and 5 months. This carrier was the ONLY way we had any peace while shopping, since Aidan hated carseats and insisted on seeing the world anytime he was awake.
The Beco Gemini is a great quality alternative to the Baby Bjorn. A quick look at Amazon reviews will tell you that while parents love the Bjorn for giving them their hands back, once baby gets bigger than 15 pounds or so the bjorn KILLS your back and shoulders because the weight is all in your shoulders and torso, never distributed across your hips. Many great carriers are designed to distribute the weight more comfortably but for babies that want to face the world the baby bjorn (and similarly designed carriers) is still the most popular option. Enter the Beco Gemini…Beco has designed a carrier that comfortably distributes a baby’s weight over the wearers’ hips and shoulders but still allows the baby to face the world if they are the curious type.*
Beco’s Gemini allows for the baby to face out  but in a way that is more supported for both the baby and the wearer. A handy snap system narrows the base so that little guys can face the world or have their legs out a bit earlier. Aidan also didn’t like things confining his legs when he got to be about 8 weeks old , but his little legs wouldn’t fit outside the wider bodies of many carriers. The narrower base would give him freedom to have his legs out a little earlier so he could kick as he wanted. This feature alone makes it one of my favorite ways to carry a small baby!
****Chiropractors and others warn against the damage carriers designed like the Bjorn can do to baby spines as well see: Even if it did nothing to little spines, Front Facing Out for extended periods of time WILL overstimulate most babies. Please don’t do it for long… even in your Beco Gemini 🙂

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*happy babywearing*

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