Earn an entry into Wednesday’s PAXprize drawing by completing the PAXpuzzle and emailing me your answers!!!!  I really loved this note from Erin last Sunday regarding last week’s PAXpuzzle:

“What a nice little activity to do in bed on a Sunday morning when Baby and I have to stay home sick from Church!

I only found your site, blog, and Facebook group less than two months ago, but I still could do the whole puzzle without having to look anything up–I’m learning so much about babywearing from you (and Declan too!)”

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaPAXpuzzle babywearing crossword

3. PAXfamily's overseas adventure trip 2010
4. German Rainbow wrap weaver
6. Gemini accessory for shade, head support, and bib
8. The best way to try a carrier before you buy
1. Petite bodied meh dai manufacturer
2. Designer of favorite Dylan fabric
5. Carrying position for older babies
7. Number of shoulder straps on a SSC

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