Boom Boxes v.2

Boom Boxes v.2 Here comes the BOOM! Sally, My Yellow Umbrella, West of the 4th Weaving, Bronte, Jumpsac, Darling Dots … OH MYYYY!!!!! We just love thinking up new and exciting ways to sell our extra special... Read More

STARPOWER!!! Do you have YOUR star power yet??? Looks like some of our PAXfriends do!! Packed with sleepydust, these beauties are ready to soar into your waiting arms!! Which will it be? The shy and quiet Morgan, the bold and dashing Merlin? Or… both?... Read More
KoKaDi Stars!

KoKaDi Stars! Are you ready to catch a falling star? Merlin & Morgan return to on Saturday morning!  Stalk our stocking in the 10 o’clock hour PST!!!! These 50% hemp / 50% cotton KoKaDi wraps are limited, exclusive, and of course, amazing!!! Get... Read More
Last Sunday in JULY.

Last Sunday in JULY. paxbaby Happy LAST Sunday in July. Seriously. How did that happen?? The Summer is just FLYING by. paxbaby How many Sundays are left before the PAXfamily becomes a family of NINE??   paxbaby *happy babywearing*... Read More
Merlin oh Merlin

Merlin oh Merlin

kokadi merlin Who is stalking in the hopes that they score a: KoKadi Merlin  today?!?!? Two to three small batches of wraps are going up at completely random times throughout the day in order to make it fair for allll of our friends in different time... Read More