Are you ready to catch a falling star?

Merlin & Morgan return to on Saturday morning!  Stalk our stocking in the 10 o’clock hour PST!!!!

These 50% hemp / 50% cotton KoKaDi wraps are limited, exclusive, and of course, amazing!!!

Get ready!!!!!

By the way, if you already have owned a Merlin or Morgan, come post at PAXbaby’s Facebook page!!!  If YOUR picture gets the most likes, we will make you a wrap scrap goodie in your preferred star design (Merlin or Morgan!)  Will the winner be YOU?!?!?!?!?

Great news for all of‘s European babywearers!!! KoKaDi Babytragetücher will be shipping YOUR Morgan & Merlin wraps directly from KKD headquarters, waiving your shipping fee & facilitating quick shipping!   Stay tuned for a link just for YOU!

*happy babywearing*

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