Planning weekly for our family meals is the only way to stay ahead on the grocery buying and food budget! PAXdaddy plans breakfasts, lunches are almost always left overs, and dinners have been strictly vegan for weeks! After 9 weeks of vegan meals every night of the school week, my children finally asked me ever so politely if I could PLEASE cook them some “meat!” Of course, I was compelled to say YES, and luckily my Instant Pot was ready and willing to be put to the test! It’s my new best friend, and with my big kids’ help who assist me in the kitchen a few nights a week, there is now “meat” on our table almost daily! I hope you can use some of these recipes for your own family, and maybe my meal plan will inspire you to get more organized too! When 4:30 comes around, the only thing that keeps me from losing my mind is knowing that I have a plan, the ingredients, and the time set aside for a nutritious meal for my family!
Please note that I cook with all gluten free and sugar free ingredients. If a substitute needs to be made, I use gluten free flours or coconut sugar! Lucy and I are also following the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet because of our autoimmune issues so we omit or sub out the nightshades including pepper, tomatoes, potatoes, and paprika!
Short meal plan :

Monday – onion soup, chicken sausages, sautéed mushrooms
Tuesday – beef stew, brussels sprouts, lentils
Wednesday – hummus, aip tortillas, lemon chicken
Thursday –  date night take 2 –  PASTA!
Friday – fish taco night, cheese sauce, mushroom taco filling
Saturday – spaghetti squash
Sunday – Zoodles and BBQ chicken
Long recipe filled meal plan :

Monday 27
sautéed mushrooms
chicken sausages
Tuesday 28
shredded brussels sprouts
Wednesday 29
Thursday 30 – date night!?!??!!
Friday 31
Fish taco night
mushroom taco filling – use this recipe loosely
Saturday 1
sub out bacon fat / double the recipe for 2 spaghetti squashes
Sunday 2
Bon appetite!

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