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Onbu, the newest babywearing trend, is brought to PAXbaby by Tallulah Baby Designs Carriers and will be stocking this coming week! Olivia is a talented seamstress who, in collaboration with the PAXmoms, has created an amazing stocking of wrap conversion buckle carriers. What’s different about the onbu? There is NO waistband or buckle whatsoever, only shoulder straps, making this design ideal for quick ups and downs, pregnant babywearing, and anyone with a sensitive middle who detests the feel of that waistband digging in! Muffin tops don’t exist with the onbu so if that is what is holding you back from trying a traditional buckle carrier, the time is now; the onbu has changed the reputation of hybrid carriers and Tallulah is leading the way in comfort, accessories and attention to detail! Wrappers will also enjoy the similar feel to the beloved rucksack carry : easy, quick, supportive, but no tying needed!

If you have been wishing and hoping for an Onbu  in YOUR life, TODAY could be your lucky day!!! Enter to win a “Right to Buy” for these GORGEOUS Onbus from Tallulah Baby Designs , between 9:00am – 3:00pm PDT TODAY, May 19th, 2016 and hopefully you will be jumping for joy when the ISO Angel chooses you!!

* Onbu carriers are considered advanced carriers, and should be used with older babies/toddlers. TY!
**Please have your credit card, or gift certificate ready as PayPal will be turned off for the first ten minutes to prevent oversells, thank you!

*happy babywearing*


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