Once Upon a Time, we received an extraordinary shipment of wrap conversion AngelPacks in an array of beautiful colors and patterns: Through the Looking Glass, Xela, Story, Keegan and Love In Your Heart *dude*. We know not everyone loves fastest fingers stockings, so we decided to enlist in the help of the ISO Angel!!! Will YOU have a happily ever after with the AngelPack of YOUR dreams??? Enter this listing between 10:00am PDT and 1:00pm PDT on today, Thursday March 17th, 2016 and find out:

Fine print : Be sure that your name and address are current; you will have 12 hours to check out with your AngelPack listing before we choose a new winner! There is an AngelPack GUARANTEED for each name drawn!! PayPal will REMAIN ON during this stocking! These AngelPacks are limited to one carrier per household; multiple orders will be cancelled & refunded. We are unable to accept any changes of address for these carriers once you press ORDER, and the address from your entry checkout MUST match the address used when purchasing the carrier. THANK YOU always for your patience and love!

Best of luck, friends!


*happy babywearing*


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