Remember that time when PAXbaby, Tekhni, and Beco had the most BEAUTIFUL baby together! Behold, our PAXexclusive Delta PAX beco Wrap Conversion Baby Carrier in both Gemini style as well as Toddler! This is the most glorious collaboration I think I have EVER seen! Rainbows for daaaaaaaaays!

PAXbaby_bekhni_beco_tekhni_pax delta_rainbow_ssc_beco baby carriers

Please participate in PAXbaby’s ISO Angel stocking to try your hand at scoring this amazing rainbow baby carrier! Will it be a Beco Gemini (weight range 7 – 35 pounds) or a Beco Toddler (weight range 20 – 60 pounds)? Both styles feature a structured waistband, convenient front flap pocket, crossable shoulder straps as well as a hood on the Toddler and adjustable headrest on the Gemini! Which carrier will you choose? These are the tough decisions in life!

Make sure to enter our very special ISO Angel between 8:00am – 12:00pm PST. Winning (Right to Buy) emails will be sent out tonight!!!


*happy babywearing*



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