Beco Baby Carriers and have had a long time babywearing love affair! We met when my fourth child was just 6 months old; Kolbe is now 9 years and officially too big to wear! Gabby, Beco’s owner and creator of some of our community’s most popular carriers, invited me to the Beco warehouse and HQ in Southern California where we spent a blissful afternoon geeking out about babywearing, cloth diapering and natural parenting! It’s been happily ever after for Beco and PAXbaby since 2006, and PAXbaby has eagerly followed all of Beco’s adventures, from the 4th Generation to the Butterfly (versions 1 and 2) to the Gemini, Soleil, and now the Toddler! What an amazing legacy Gabby has made for herself!
With all my heart, and all my love, I am overjoyed to be adding a new product to PAXbaby’s Beco collection, a wrap conversion made from a Tekhni PAXexclusive rainbow JUST for PAXbaby!

Coming soon with bells on our toes, PAXbaby’s Bekhnis will not fail to delight! Get ready!
*happy babywearing*

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